Rory Schmitz
Head Lines

Opening 14 August, 19HR
Exhibition 14 August - 4 September 2010

"Head Lines" is the first exhibition for Australian born, Berlin-based artist Rory Schmitz.

A traveller and observer from an early age, Rory is influenced by his observations of "real" and virtual relationships. His commentary on people and society is reflected in the subject matter he chooses to portray, focusing heavily upon the interrelation of man and machine. Through experimentation on the fringes of contemporary and other retaliatory art he has developed a style which merges energetic gestures honed on the streets with those of traditional portraiture.

This fascination with technology and human interactions takes him between both physical and virtual worlds in his explorations, spanning Australia, the US, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Berlin, and into video games, the internet, media and advertising.