Danny Gretscher
What Does it Mean to be Human?

Opening 25 June, 19HR
Exhibition 25 June - 24 July 2010

"Danny Gretscher's recent works deliver yet another outstandingly deft sucker punch to those unwittingly caught off guard, assuming their comfort comes merely from bright colour fields and scribbles. Their subtle, entranced narratives sit decisively well. Devils, shaman, seers, spirit animals, bird men and ghosts feature alongside those of the realms of men, the brave and strong and the broken heroes.

His latest large scale paintings effortlessly use an amalgamation of marks that retain a radiant speed, lustre and the flat chronological honesty of the medium and of the handmade. The 'spirit beings' have no qualms in commanding their equilibrium within the spacious works.

The newly painted series of androgynous boxers mid-bout feign their feebleness in the pre-tense of dazzlement, yet knowingly hide a thumping weight behind their light step, again confirm Gretscher's title as both contestant and champion."

Boxi, June 2010, Berlin

Skalitzers presents the latest captivating creations from one of Berlin's most renowned young artists. With his subtle balances in style, drawn from his work both on the street and in the studio, Gretscher's paintings seduce and provoke, as he paints the complex contradictions and absurdities of everyday life.