Skalitzers presents our first exhibition in Australia

Opening 21 October, 6pm
Exhibition 22 October - 13 January 2012

In the spring of 2011, ROA found himself in the remote Pilbara region of North Western Australia. Travelling through remote terrain accessible only via four-wheel-drive or on foot, deep in Ngarluma country, ROA was hosted by Ngarluma Aboriginal elders and shown places known only to the locals. This is a place of paradoxes, where the natural beauty of the land intersects with the flotsam and jetsam of human habitation - disused water tanks, abandoned houses, pieces of car and machinery. Where life and death overlap. Where cultures and histories constantly cross paths. Where urban art meets the outback.

FORM and Skalitzers Contemporary Art are proud to present Paradox, an exhibition by ROA.

A modern day naturalist, famous for his large-scale depictions of animals on urban walls around the world, ROA moves between continents and cities, observing and documenting the creatures that co-inhabit the urban landscape. ROA's explorations span the natural and built ecosystem. Fascinated with the beauty in the circle of life, he brings the animal world back to our urban jungle, often juxtaposing his imagery onto remnants of yesterday. His bold paintings reintroduce these animals to the locations that they have long since lost to human expansion.

“I think it is clear that humanity has decimated several animal species over the past few decades. It is also clear that people are estranged from nature and their roots... These over-enlarged animals are a celebration of the animal world. I put my image out there and people can decide how to interpret it for themselves”

ROA, as quoted by Tristan Manco (Street Sketchbook: Journeys)

FORM Gallery, 357 Murray St, Perth.


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